Proud Mama moment at the Seattle Thunderbirds Game

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I can barely keep this one in, I am SO excited.  Ever since the hubby and I started going to the Tbirds WAY back when they were at Key Arena and long before we had kids, I remember seeing these cute mini hockey players skating at intermission.  They were so fun to watch and I really looked forward to seeing them play.  So the other night, all the scary learning-to-skate-on-sharp-things fears and bleary-eyed early mornings at the rink paid off because MY kids were going to be skating with the Thunderbirds.

hockey with kids near seattle

We headed out to the Showare Center in Kent and I think we were almost the first people in the parking lot.  Then MY guys skated during the 1st period intermission.  MY GUYS.  My once teeny little preemie babies skated strong, skated proudly and skated with such big smiles on their faces.  They were the cute mini hockey players skating at intermission.  And I was the proudest mama in the world.

kids playing hockey during intermission for Seattle Thunderbirds   seattle thunderbirds hockey with kids

I could live in this moment for a long time.  Thank you tons Seattle Thunderbirds.  My guys really look up to you!

thunderbird mascot with kids in Seattle(PS. We’ve heard that the best place near Seattle to find new and used hockey gear is at Play it Again Sports in Lynnwood.

play it again sports lynnwood to get hockey equipment

We went there and found it pretty stocked and they have cool benches to lie down on if you’re EXHAUSTED from an all-sports weekend!)

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