Solo coffee Monday shopping sans enfants and dreaming of Vancouver

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Oh wow, it happened again.  I got to drop the kids off at school and then they just waved, went inside and that is our morning until I pick them up this afternoon.  How weird and wonderful and somewhat lonely-making is school?  So today I have the task of cleaning out my ‘attic’ according to a little friend who saw the disastrous state of my office.  And I need to figure out dinner.  But before I get to those daunting tasks, I need a good shopping fix to get me through the day.

With two boys I never really thought I’d be picking up princess dresses but we have a lot of little girlfriends in our lives so I’m loving this site called Over the Loom that has the cutest little dresses and whimsical attire. A little friend was very excited about the Frozen-inspired dress I found and I was pretty impressed with how fast everything shipped.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.41.14 AM

I’ve also been dreaming of Vancouver BC because of my Instagram feed.  I really want to go to Mink chocolates, try the cream puffs my lovely friend S keeps talking about at Beta 5 chocolates and I need to go check out the Barefoot Contessa boutique in Vancouver for their Cutie London line.

I also want this ceramic jug I saw in a cool store up north too. I love this ceramic artist and I think this would be a really neat art piece.  (I wonder if it’s functional as a real water jug?)

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.13.43 AM

We received our first sticker club package from Pipsticks, a sticker subscription service started by a friend of a friend and it is so adorable.  My kids really liked the selection of stickers and I liked the cute packaging and the pre-stamped postcard that kids could decorate that came with the stickers.  I can’t wait to see what arrives next month!  (I think this would make a perfect gift idea for kids too.)

pipsticks sticker subscription

I’m also excited about a new beauty service that would have been too perfect when my twin boys were little.  It’s called Vera and it is a site starting in Seattle where you can arrange beauty stylists to come to your own home on your own schedule so you don’t even have to leave your house to get fixed up.  This would have been something that might have made naptime all the more precious and I can’t wait to try them out.

So while I’m perusing Martha’s main-course salad ideas for greens that might just go with this enchilada recipe I saw that looked easy, and sighing as I sort out the craft supplies littering the floor of my spectacular mess, I hope you are having a great Monday too and if you see any easy recipes, please send them my way!  I’m trying not to watch the clock and wonder what my kids are doing or if they’re surviving.  I know that their teachers are amazing and that they’re in good hands, but I do miss them, and even thought Friday always looks pretty far away on a Monday, today it seems light-years away.

(PS. can you believe the coffee art?  My hubby who also interns as my personal barista, is getting better at the designs on my morning coffee and I’m so thankful he’s been so supportive with me mourning the kids being away at school.)


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