What to unexpect when you’re expecting twins

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I’m dying to see that movie what to expect when you’re expecting, because I remember reading that book and feeling so overwhelmed-even before we knew we were having twins.  Since the day we announced we were pregnant with the duo, the number one question we get asked is “Were you expecting twins?”  Maybe it’s conversation.  Maybe it’s a way to ask if we did some kind of magic voodoo or fertility to conjure up multiples.   (I don’t think anyone really wants the real details, do they?) Seeing two squirming little wormy things on the ultrasound blew any “easing into the having a baby thing” expectations out of the water.  (And the hubby threw out the MDX flyer he picked up when he saw the double line on the pregnancy test and started looking for a mini-van.)

Fast-forward nearly 4 years later and more and more sleep-filled nights and I’m finally starting to see through the blur.

We have unexpected moments at the park where two boys are climbing high above my head and I’m not screaming for them to come down.


We have unexpected bathroom stops.

Unexpected moments when I just want time to stand still.

And unexpected times when it does.

And though we never expected to have two babies at once, I also never expected it to be so much fun.  I’m thankful for where we are and thankful for the journey.  And though we have no idea what to expect in coming years,  I’m thankful for what we have now. Unexpected.  Unplanned.  Unbelievable.  (I’m sure my double-momma friends would agree!)

(PS. this post was for a 3-sprout post for momalom on the topic of “Unexpected”.)

6 thoughts on “What to unexpect when you’re expecting twins

  1. That question always takes me aback. I’m not sure how to answer. What exactly do they mean? Was I surprised when two popped out on the delivery table? Did I have a premonition at the moment of conception? Something in between? I do wonder whether it’s a veiled attempt to inquire about the nature of the conception. Which irritates me a lot. I usually say, “Well, yes, by the time they were popping out of me I knew to expect two.”

  2. You make 2 sound so beautiful. And I’m sure it is. Double everything. Double love. Double laughs. Double smiles. Double tears. Double pride. Double rewards. Love this. Thank you for entering our contest! So happy to have found you!

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