First Day of School Pics (phone apps for photos)

Phone apps for photos
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After the fiasco I had with the kids trying to take fake first day of school photos last week , I thought I might just snap a picture in front of their school and call it a day.  Then I found some awesome chalkboard printables on this sweet sight: Yellow Bliss Road that I thought I’d just print out.  (They go all the way through 12th grade, so you can start now and have them forever!)  But I also wanted to document some of their favorite things from today and I wasn’t sure how to do that.  And then I saw this giant craft paper roll in our office, so I stood the guys out in the garden and snapped a pic and decided to use some of my favorite phone apps for photos to help me make this first day of school photo one to remember.

Phone apps for  photos

I conducted an interview with each of my guys, and I used Word Swag to add text. This is one of my favorite phone apps for photos because it makes it really easy to add cool text. And this is what we ended up with:

phone apps for photosPhone apps for photos

For extra points I spliced them together and sent them to all the grandparents with Postcardly, which has been my another one of my favorite phone apps for sending snapshots of my daily life to my own Grandma and Grandpa who don’t really use the interwebs.

(PS. if you are reading this Postcardly, I heard the funniest thing via my mom about the postcards I’ve been sending.  Apparently my grandpa’s mailman told him or one of our other family members up in Canada that SHE looks forward to the weekly notes I send him because she likes to read them and watch the kids grow up which is kind of sweet, I think.)


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  1. LOVE this idea Terumi and I will be using it in a few years. Thanks for always inspiring me! PS I am glad you are using the journal 😉

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