In Real Life shopping on a sunny Monday

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It’s not everyday I get to go shopping in real life IN an actual store, but I needed to run some errands this morning and that brought me to Target, which is always a fun exercise.  I have loved Target for so long (but hasn’t everyone?) and today I was proud because I didn’t buy much except for vitamins and necessities which I think takes incredible self-restraint especially when I saw this globe that totally wanted to come home with me.

globe at target

I wish I had self-restraint this morning when Golden Tote went on sale.  I couldn’t help myself this month because the Woo outfits they had were so enticing.  I also noticed a sweatshirt I’d seen on Modcloth as an item you could choose (and that was already 50 dollars!) and so I’m eager for this surprise box to arrive next month to see what’s inside. This is still my favorite clothing subscription even though I’ve tried Fabletics (not impressed with their quality) and Stitch Fix (too hard to choose what I want and don’t like forfeiting 20 bucks for the styling fee) and I wonder if anyone will come up with something fabulous that can compete.

I also had to cancel lunch plans (it’s Restaurant week in Seattle!!) because we have a meeting with our architect who has made the most beautiful design for our cabin and we’re learning about the next steps in building. The guys have embraced this totally and want us to keep reading this book my sis recommended about a boy building his dream house.

If I built a house

I guess we have to get our plans approved and then get them engineered and then I think we get to start to clear land and build stuff.  Hopefully things will be done before snow falls next year and we haven’t been up to see the property in a while so we’ll probably have to make a trip up there soon too.  I’m mostly excited about decorating the inside and right now I’ve been concentrating on doors.  I’ve been thinking about barn doors/accordion doors and sliding doors and lately I’ve been seeing them everywhere.

I like these room separators at Din Tai Fung Uvillage

partition door at Din Tai Fung Uvillage

And this barn door at Musette Caffe in Vancouver is very cool.

barn door from Musette Caffe in Vancouver

In Tanakasan I liked the way they had these neat partitions and the fish print on the wall was pretty intriguing too.

Tanakasan accordian door

A really creative and talented friend even made a whole tutorial on barn doors on her blog a little while ago too. So hopefully with all these resources we can find something cool for our cabin.

We also have our upcoming trip (we kind of crammed too many things in again, but at least it makes things exciting) and it’s almost planned so we’re just about on time.  I’m really thankful this book about Paris for kids showed up today and the guys and I had a fun time reading through it and learning about the famous monuments we’re going to see there.  (I like how it makes it easy for me to learn about them too.)

paris hide and seek

And as much as I love to travel I also love hearing about what others are doing and I’m really enjoying following Tea Collection’s founder Leigh Rawdon on her trip to Asia on the Tea Collection Instagram and La Jolla Mom’s trip to China and Jen from Mama Papa Bubba’s trip to France (and their life in Kuwait!) So I hope you have a lovely shopping Monday and if you go shopping in real life too, I love hearing what you are buying.

(PS. the t-ball picture at the top represents another store adventure from this weekend that was too overwhelming for me to actually make a post about.  Our family of t-ball novices bought a helmet, bat and a tee when we went in to buy t-ball pants so we could figure out this perplexing game.  It looks like this is what you do in Seattle on a glorious sunny day and it is a little fun.  I am still unsure about what I think about this sport but I do know if you open the Big 5 website on your phone when you’re standing in line, they usually have a coupon that could potentially save you some money on the sports stuff you’re buying because sports stuff apparently is all the rage for 5-year old boys.)

3 thoughts on “In Real Life shopping on a sunny Monday

  1. Have you been happy with your Golden Tote box? I am hesitant to pull the trigger each month. I’m 6’1″ so the chances of the fit being off is pretty high. Pretty offerings though…maybe next month :).

    1. You might like stitch fix better because it’s more customizable but I think golden tote chooses things that work for most people in a size range. I was also wondering if I could put together my own outfits at different stores for the same price but it is nice having someone choose for you.

      1. I’ll have to look at Stitch Fix too. Thanks! Yes, having someone help the process along is wonderful. I had a Nordstrom personal shopper (free!) help me out a few months ago and it was fabulous and so very helpful.

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