Easy glowing ghost craft


October 27, 2012 by admin

If you have these things it’s super easy to make this sweet little glowing ghost craft.  My guys love making crafts and I’m always trying to figure out things to make with them. I used mini plastic cups and I’m sure paper might work too.

Ghost glowing craft for preschoolers

My guys are so excited about Halloween this year and delight in any way they can be a part of getting ready for the celebrations.  They wanted to decorate the house so I had them stick little googly eyes on plastic mini cups by the dozen.  You could use the glue-on kind but the peel off backing ones are less messy and the guys took a while just sticking the eyes on.  They loved the way their little ghost cups looked.

Make a ghost craft with kids

Then I used an exacto knife to slit to holes in the bottom of the cup.  I tied the ribbon around the fake tea light ‘flame” a couple times then threaded each end through the slits in the cup and then tied the ends together to make a loop.  The guys also wanted to use these as ghost necklaces, and that could be pretty fun on Halloween.  (Except for the fact that I am terrified of anything of the not-bubble-wrap-pristine-safety-sort, ie. strings looped around necks while kids run.  I think most other people will be fine and this could look very cool.)

Glowing ghost craft with kids
So ours are hung on trees.  Only trees. Happy Haunting:)


  1. Sheena S. says:

    I LOVE these. And this: “So ours are hung on trees. Only trees.” : )

  2. My kids love craft – and I am NOT crafty. This is a great idea because it is so simple – even I feel comfortable taking it on. I am going to to do it this afternoon with my boys.

  3. These are adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to meet another Seattle blogging mom. Bummed tomorrow night is supposed to be rainy. We’ve been lucky the last few years!!

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