Snowman Oreos on Sticks


December 21, 2012 by admin

This morning when we woke up no little magic fairies came to clean while we slept so the house was still littered with Christmas Crackers, half-wrapped presents, breakfast dishes and Christmas tree needles and the husband warned me against making anything homemade today.  But I still wanted to make something.  I love the look of cake-pops, but I’m not a big fan of the rolling, squishing and the gushing of cake flakes and icing mashed together to make the insides.  And I had an idea. photo(360)

Technically Oreos are not homemade.  Neither are red and white candy melts.  Or sticks.  (PS to make this you also need an edible food marker and mini M and Ms.  )

So honey this was really a faux-made Christmas treat and I figured it was okay.

I did a trial without sticks and I thought they were cute.

I used a little of the left-over melts from the trial to stick the sticks on inside the cookies.


Then I put them in the fridge for a little while.  (Under 20 minutes.  I’m not very accurate and they still worked)

I melted the melts.  (Read the bag directions for melting.  I usually just do something random and hope it turns out.)

The first dunk went in the white.  I used a little spatula like this one.

I placed it carefully on parchment on top of a cutting board.  I kind of tapped it once or twice to smooth the candy coating.  Then I put the little orange nose on.


When it hardened it was time to dunk it halfway in red melt.  Then I added a little pom-pom (m and m or sixlet.)  A little bit of sparkle on the rim of the hat.  And let it dry.

Et Voila.


I figure the stick will make it easier for Santa to take-away this treat.  (Last year he left WAY too many crumbs.)

(PS this was SUPER easy!)

(PPS Not easy enough for kids though. I made this one by myself.)


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