An unconventional breakfast (San Isidro, Costa Rica)


January 19, 2013 by admin

family travels in costa rica

Years ago, my pregnant self would never have imagined anyone would ever be able say to my kids “so you know how to collect eggs?” and have them answer “yes!” but something about having two boys who love adventure changed everything. Thanks to Farmer Jayne at Kelsey Creek Farm in Bellevue (two years ago we met Jayne and we’ve been taking classes there ever since) when Leslie at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in San Isidro, Costa Rica told my kids to gather breakfast this summer, they knew exactly what to do.  Thank you Jayne and thank you Leslie.  You amazing women inspire me daily and I’m so thankful for the experiences you’ve given me and my kids!

gathering eggs for breakfast at the Toucan Rescue Ranch here come the chickens kids collecting eggs for breakfast kids collecting eggs at the toucan rescue ranch in San Isidro Costa Rica why kids should stay at the toucan rescue ranch where to learn about sloths in real life a place to visit to learn about sloths with kids family travels in costa rica



  1. Tracy says:

    Great photos and a great way to tell your story. I love the chicken-shaped basket. We went on a farm stay in Borneo last year and took our kids egg collecting for the first time. They are such city kids – they took one look at the mud covered eggs and made us collect them. Of course the chicken and turkey coups were not as nice as the ones in your photos. They were a lot muddier but it was still pretty funny to see the reaction on their faces.

    • eckids says:

      Borneo? That sounds amazing!! You guys are definitely amazing travelers:) Hope you’re having fun in our corner of the world-I can’t wait to hear where you’re headed next!

  2. What a great experience for the boys! They looks so cute with the baskets. My kids have always wanted to do the whole farm/dude ranch experience and I’m sure egg collecting will be a hit. I love any of your pictures that feature those adorable sloths 🙂

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