If you buy a lot of stuff online: a recycled paper craft


April 25, 2013 by Terumi

recycling crafts


The other day my new purse showed up and as much as the beautiful wrapping is sweet there’s nothing more telling that I bought a ton of stuff than a big pile of tissue mongrammed with a brand’s name.

So the guys and I got to work on a ‘craft’.  We got rid of the shopping evidence shredded the tissue paper into teeny pieces and dumped it in a big bucket.


Poured in some warm water.


Blended it until it became soft.  (Ps this is that egg beater I got from oxo.  I can bet they didn’t think I’d be using it like this and neither did I!  But it’s so easy for the guys to use and I love that it’s not electric.)


We strained a couple cup-fulls through a sieve and dumped it onto a plate.  We used a silicone muffin tin to press out the water.  (I thought the guys might like to use a ‘tool’ and this one looked cool.)


After that we pressed the mush into cookie cutters until they dried.


I may poke holes in the top for mother’s day ornaments.  And we’ll probably coat them in glitter too.


So really, I didn’t technically buy a purse.  I bought craft supplies for an activity and the purse came with.  (And lucky for me, the guys want to make this one again.)

(PS. FYI it may just be a personal preference thing, but apparently this kind of craft is best made while wearing a shark costume.)




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