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A few weeks ago, I couldn’t figure out what a whole line-up of people was lined up for at the market.  The line-up was longer than the line-up for Bastille and that one was wrapped around the door!      photo(704)

It turns out it was eggs.  EGGS!


These eggs are so popular at the Ballard Farmers Market that they apparently sell out every week.  (And they’re so expensive.  Like 8 dollars a dozen expensive!!!) But I hopped in line and joined the crowd.  They were pretty.  And they tasted good.  But I’m not great with eggs, so I’ve been working on omelets and macarons in an attempt to make something worthy of such golden ones just in case I make the splurge again.

I was totally excited when I got these new egg tools from OXO.

An egg separator.


My sis thinks the best way to remove the yolk from the white is with your hands.  I get a little grossed out by eggs so this new little tool worked pretty well and I liked that it just sat on the edge of my bowl like a cute little egg yolk diving board.  The two parts separated and I didn’t have to get my hands all egg-y.


And I’ve always wanted one of these.


I even let the guys try it out too.  They thought it was fun, but I didn’t trust them with it long enough to snap a picture even though I don’t think they could do much damage with it not being electric.  I can see how this would be the perfect beater for whip cream. I get a little lazy about finding things when I cook so I even used this to whip the eggwhites for the macarons I decided to make instead of my regular mixer.  (I’ve been using the recipe in this Sprinkle Bakes book and it’s foolproof.)  It was a good arm workout but it turned out.


With all this egg excitement I got a little festive and made egg shaped macarons for Easter.  The sanding sugar sticks to the top with corn syrup I just painted on.


And now I am currently blowing out a couple dozen eggs for the guys to decorate.  You all know what I do with eggs post-Easter so I can’t leave the egg bits inside.  It’s all omelets around here for the next week that’s for sure so hopefully I’ll get better at that skill too with all this practice.

(PS. Thank you OXO for these neat new toys tools from the OXOblogger program.  I was not required to provide this post and these ideas here are my own.  Except for the part about separating the eggs with your hand because that is my sister’s.)

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    1. Thanks Alice! They taste pretty good but not as good as Honore. I’m still not great with flavoring them. I’m excited about our baking class-I’ve been wanting to actually LEARN how to make them so badly-this is a lot of improv;)

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