Festive Candy Cookies


December 9, 2013 by Terumi

Every time my sister comes to visit it’s a weekend of love, yummy food and adventure.  This weekend we had some glorious chilly weather, and my baby dog nephew made us get out and explore.  I love how much fun my boys and I have with my sister and this dog.

family photo

dog and boys









As usual we chose a recipe to try together.  The boys wanted to make macarons, but we’ve made those before, and this time we wanted to try something new from Sprinklebakes.(We love the macaron recipe from this book too!) and the pinwheel cookies from this cookbook are so perfectly festive.

The recipe was a little tricky but I think we’ll get better with time and an investment in a food-processor.  We used my old-fashioned elbow-grease-powered pastry blender and it was a bit of a tough go.


Thankfully my sister is a cookie expert and even the dough for this made me smile.  (AND it’s egg-free so it’s fun for kids too. I think this might even be fun as a kids’ bake-able playdough but we haven’t tried it like that yet. )

festive candy cookies

The cookies came out wonderfully and I had an idea for the packaging.  These look a lot like peppermint candies and would look adorable packaged like the ones you get after a meal.  I took the plastic bags you usually put cookies in and cut one end off and then wrapped teeny elastics around each end. At first I thought ribbon might work but then these clear goodie hair elastics made them look way more authentic.

how to wrap cookie like a candy

What do you think?

package cookies like candy

We’ll definitely be making these for Christmas and I think we might even try rolling them in some Christmas-y sprinkles too.
(PS. my sis did most all of the work.  I usually assign myself the role of supervisor/cookie taster/critic.)

(PPS. Love you sis!)



  1. So much love 🙂 And I LOVE how the cookies look in the packaging! Brilliant!

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