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February 3, 2014 by Terumi

Although yesterday was an epic sports battle for our beloved football team, this morning is a true test for me.  Did I manage to get a goldentote order? (The site broke!) Did I get my lulu lemon run entry?  (YES!!!!!!)
And am I going to get the Seattle Seahawk Superbowl champion shirts? Probably not.
But I will be shopping my favorite Seattle businesses to show my Seattle pride.

space needle fireworks

We’ll definitely visit the Space Needle on a clear day this month, because the guys have been dying to go back there and I love how they shot off fireworks after each and every touchdown.  We are lucky to have such a festive landmark and I will do my best to challenge my fear of elevators and heights to show my support for such a cool place.

And the guys are even more enamored with Taco Time since they gave them free blue and green chips.

taco time blue and green chips

I also love the understated spirit that these G206 socks give:

g206 settle 12th man socks

not quite as out there as a shirt or a hat, but definitely showing some city pride.  And I just noticed they have 12th man headbands too!  (I’ve totally put one in my cart!  I think these are super cute!)

Since travel season is coming up, I need another dress from Seattle’s Spun clothing, a green line of clothing manufactured in the US since my go-to favorite is finally starting to look a little overly loved.

seattle's spun cotton dress
And I’m really excited for this new product, a plie wand, by my fave nail parlor Julep, because it’s totally innovative and fun and it may help me do my own fancy nails for next years Super Bowl.

I also will have to remember for next year that the best place to get Seahawks plates and rings is Trophy cupcakes-they totally made our Super Bowl festive and I have always been a die-hard Trophy fan.

So now the big question in our household is do we go to Wednesday’s parade? And if you’re in the Seattle area, are you going?
Happy Monday, Seattle!  I think this is one of the happiest in our history!!!!


  1. Colleen says:

    We’re staying home. The chilly temperatures alone are enough to keep me home! But my husband’s going (short walk from work for him). I’m sure it’ll be great!

  2. Terumi says:

    I’m so torn about this one! I think it would be awesome, but it’s going to be so crowded AND cold!!!

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