You might want to check out the Sounders if you’re in Seattle when there’s a game (visiting Seattle with kids)


July 30, 2014 by Terumi

seattle sounders with kids

Even after four years of going to Seattle Sounders games, I have no problem admitting I don’t really understand soccer.  From what I can see, it’s not just about getting to the goal and scoring with your team-there seems to be a little bit of soap opera stuff mixed in with guys falling down pretending to be dying then popping back to life the next minute to score a goal and the ref seems to have unlimited power:  I don’t quite understand why they don’t keep the clock running when they add extra minutes to the game so that we all are on the same page.  BUT, our team is amazing and it’s so fun to see the energy in the stadium and I always find something to entertain myself (Last game it was the fact that the opposing goalie was wearing RADIANT ORCHID and pulled it off quite well).  I love that I can hang out with my family, eat some yummy food and cheer and it’s not horribly expensive like watching hockey or football.

march to the match

And the soccer game doesn’t just start with the soccer game, we march to the match beforehand.  If we don’t pick up sandwiches at Specialty‘s to bring to the game (I love that they even let us bring our own food INTO the stadium!) , we eat at Grand Central in Pioneer Square and watch the festivities.  (PS. if you want to sneak in an cool Seattle site while you’re there you can check out the UPS Waterfall Park nearby )  We also love to eat at the London Plane or grab a coffee at Cafe Umbria (you just can’t bring liquids into the game unless it’s unopened bottled water).

grand central bakery pioneer square

The band always plays and pumps up the crowd and the last time we marched Drew Carey even showed up too!

drew carey

My guys absolutely love going and I think they enjoy playing soccer even more after they watch the games.  (They do still wear the ear protectors that they’ve had since they were 2 for at least parts of the game! But I’m a little glad because it’s seriously noisy-I think at least 40000 fans go to each game!)

specialty's at the sounders games

So if you’re in Seattle with kids and there’s a game on, you might want to think about going.  It’s not a super-touristy activity, but it’s part of our city’s soul and even though I don’t really understand the sport, I can’t imagine a season without going to at least a handful of games.  (Once a Sounder, always a Sounder.  I think I’ll bleed blue and green….)

sounders games

(PS. you can even eat some of our city’s fabulous foods at the games, like Beecher’s macaroni and cheese or tomato soup, Kid Valley’s garlic fries and Trophy Cupcakes.)




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