All Soccer, All the time

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You know you’re a good soccer mom when you’re in Spanish class and the teacher asks what number 11 is and your too-young-to-be-cheeky kid says: “ZAKUANI.” (who by the way DOES wear numero once if you don’t know your Sounders Roster.)  Any sunny day we get, the guys want to be at the field playing soccer, so I’m definitely thankful for such a great group of heroes.

This weekend we’ll be wearing our Sounders scarves with pride and sending them all the good luck vibes we can-we’re so lucky for such an amazing team in Seattle. (I’m Sounders ’til I die.  I’m Sounders ’til I die.  Never thought I’d be.  But now I am.  I’m Sounders ’til I die.  The neon green is even growing on me. Happy weekend! )

6 thoughts on “All Soccer, All the time

  1. Yay! We’ll be cheering right along with you! We watch the Galaxy game from Kauai, and were so bummed out by the outcome, but I know we can pull it together at home!

      1. We were so hopeful too! Wish Eddie’s other goal would have counted & there was no PK. 🙁 They gave it all they had though…

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