A Seattle chocolate that helps you be a sharer (Jcoco chocolates, Bellevue, WA)


August 20, 2015 by Terumi

unique seattle souvenir

The older I get and the more I hang around my sweet kids, the more it’s starting to rub off on me:

Mommy can we help the animals?

Mommy why do some people have no homes and not enough to eat?

Mommy, isn’t that recycling and food waste-NOT GARBAGE!!!!  Fix it mommy.

Mommy, Mommy!  MOMMMMY!!!!

I get it.

I’ll do better.

And thankfully I found an easy way to share.

chocolate that gives back

I first started seeing Jcoco chocolates at Metropolitan Market, and knew they were part of Seattle Chocolates and I liked their packaging but didn’t really know much else.  And then I read a little more (it’s in the third paragraph on their site but I’ll give you the short version below).

Each chocolate bar you buy gives back a healthy serving of food to the community.  And that does a lot of good.  (A lot more good than I usually do when I buy a chocolate bar.)

So I stopped in the Bellevue pop-up shop and bought one to tuck away in my emergency stash.  (I can’t be the only mom with an emergency stash of chocolate, there are more of us, right?)

So my crisis bar, my lifeline, my sweet sanity-saver; MY chocolate bar that I reach for and munch alone in some quiet corner of the house when I don’t have all the answers to all the questions in my kids big worlds when my head is going to explode, is not just a chocolate bar.

It’s a sharing bar.

I’m sharing.

And even if I don’t share it with my kids, I’m sharing with my community.

It’s helping me do good.

And even just a little good is better than none at all.  Isn’t that what we tell the kids?

(PS. this chocolate is tasty.)

(PPS. I wish more things I buy helped me with this and I’m glad this is becoming a shopping trend.  If you have any favorite companies that give back when you buy, I’d love to hear about it. )


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  1. Anita says:

    Love the concept and love their mission! Their flavors are so fun!

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