EMP Seattle, Hello Kitty and should we go to Puroland?

hello kitty Seattle at the EMP
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How I managed to miss the Hello Kitty Food Truck in Seattle bewilders me but I know I’ll get my Hello Kitty fix in Tokyo later this year.  I am excited though to have my favorite little cat in OUR city and the exhibit at the Experience Music Project or what we Seattleites call the “EMP” is a great one.  I think this exhibit goes until May 15, 2016 so you still have a bit of time if you want to see it.

I love the EMP because it has so many neat places to take pictures and it’s just a gorgeous place to experience music and feel a little of the culture of our city.  It’s also right next door to Seattle’s best playground and there are lots of places in the Armory nearby too (like Skillet and Mod Pizza) so it’s a great stop for families but it doesn’t feel like it’s only meant for kids.

I went alone but I really want to bring my kids back because they’re into breakdance and Glee at school and I know they’d love the On Stage area where they can perform a song and record it.  If this is something your kids are into too, you might want to check the songlist before you go so they can really get into it.

hello kitty at the EMP

And although I’m not sure that my guys will love the Hello Kitty exhibit as much as I did,  I’ve been meaning to download some of the music from its soundtrack (which is posted on the wall in the exhibit) because I know they’ll enjoy listening to it.  My kids love music from countries we’ve been to so this is the perfect soundtrack for a trip to Tokyo.  The whole Hello Kitty Collection reminds me of everything I loved and wanted from my childhood and it made me think about what other Hello Kitty exhibits there might also be in the world.

hello kitty at the Seattle EMPhello kitty in Seattle

After a little research, I landed on a site for Puroland in Tokyo which just seems over the top full of everything cute and cuddly.  It’s pretty much a Hello Kitty themepark with all the other characters I used to love seeing when my grandma took me to the Japanese grocery store when I was little.  Has anyone been here?  Should I dare drag my hubby and two boys when we go to Japan?  For my history’s sake and research of course.  (I was thinking I would ask them about this one at the gift shop of the EMP while they were distracted with ALL THE STAR WARS stuff.  We’ll see…..)

(PS. another kitten experience that I’ve heard about closer to home is Seattle’s New Cat Cafe.)

(PPS. Do you grow up with Hello Kitty too?)

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