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  1. Why Hong Kong Disneyland Might be a Good Idea for Your Family


    June 10, 2016 by Terumi

    Castle at Hong Kong Disneyland

    As a family travel blogger it’s hard to admit that my husband is a little Disney-hesitant.  He would much rather …
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  2. A simple Father’s Day idea near Seattle with Western Chief


    June 6, 2016 by Terumi

    Finding frogs in Snoqualmie Pass hiking with kids

    I am not always good at celebrating the people I love most on birthdays or greeting card days.  I tend …
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  3. Why visiting ART of the Brick is a good idea for families


    June 4, 2016 by Terumi

    Art of the Brick at the Pacific Science Center in SEattle

    Remember when Lego used to be only bricks?  I didn’t have a ton of it as a kid but I …
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  4. Getting my Christmas pj’s a little early this year (Seattle Premium Outlets)


    June 2, 2016 by Terumi

    Hanna Andersson Christmas pjs

    Every year I buy the kids Hanna Andersson pjs to wear for Christmas.  They are the perfect pj’s.  We’ve had elf …
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  5. World Burger Tour with Hard Rock Cafe


    May 23, 2016 by Terumi

    Hard Rock Cafe Shop Victoria Peak

    It seems like every big city has a Hard Rock Cafe and Seattle is no different.  Ours is right near …
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  6. Mother’s Day Shopping on a Monday


    May 2, 2016 by Terumi

    Pro flowers Mother's Day flowers

    Yes, life should be about presence not presents, but I do love a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a fun …
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  7. Going beyond bagels at Seattle Bagel Bakery (Pike Place Market, Seattle)

    Comments Off on Going beyond bagels at Seattle Bagel Bakery (Pike Place Market, Seattle)

    April 29, 2016 by Terumi

    Seattle Bagel Bakery in Pike Place Market

    Seattle Bagel Bakery is situated nicely between the Daily Dozen Donuts and Saffron Spice in Pike Place Market and there …
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  8. Sustainable Clothing from PrAna review and would you like to be my twin?


    April 27, 2016 by Terumi

    Alpental in spring

    When I think of clothing that is good for the environment it doesn’t always conjure stylish images in my head. …
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  9. Earth Day Every Day on a Monday

    Comments Off on Earth Day Every Day on a Monday

    April 25, 2016 by Terumi

    The nice thing about most people in life is that we talk about sports, the weather and nice places we …
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  10. Pondering the color of airplane sound and the meaning of indigo because of the Seattle Art Museum


    April 21, 2016 by Terumi

    Mood Indigo Textiles from Around the World

    “Get ready for a crash landing” the boy ahead of me squeals.  His mom promptly hushes him, “We don’t crash …
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  11. Lyrical Flowers at my Local Safeway Let Me Play Florist at Home


    April 18, 2016 by Terumi

    Learning how to set up a beautiful floral arrangement like a florist

    Truth be told sometimes I used to get off the bus I rode to college just short of campus because …
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  12. An Almost-Solo Salt Lake City Adventure (Build your Blog Conference 2016)

    Comments Off on An Almost-Solo Salt Lake City Adventure (Build your Blog Conference 2016)

    March 10, 2016 by Terumi

    City Creek Center in Salt Lake

    Sometimes I get these big ideas in my head that I can do travel ALL by myself.  My husband has …
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  13. Some things I Zazzled for Valentines day


    February 2, 2016 by Terumi

    Customized Valentine's Cards

    Zazzle contacted me last week about some of the things they have for Valentine’s Day.  I couldn’t help but see …
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  14. When you learn a little more about your mothers through an advent calendar

    Comments Off on When you learn a little more about your mothers through an advent calendar

    December 19, 2015 by Terumi

    christmas tree craft made by kids

    Would you believe my mom and mom-in-law can both play accordions? I deeply regret that I didn’t force them to …
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  15. Because we all need an excuse to go to San Diego in the Fall (#myprintlymoms)


    November 3, 2015 by Terumi

    rancho bernardo inn at sunset

    How thankful am I to MomSelect and Maria Bailey?  I was invited to come to a Print and Pamper Retreat …
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  16. What I’m gifting the little Star Wars fans in my life so they can share the Force


    October 23, 2015 by Terumi

    these costumes did not come with the light sabers but it was fun to wear them at boo at the zoo

    My world is currently a strange place where the two hurricane forces that control it are always quizzing me on …
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  17. Eye opening things to be thankful for on a Monday


    October 12, 2015 by Terumi

    orange leaves in seattle

    First of all, happy thanksgiving lovelies! I’m so thankful that having Canadian roots lets my family celebrate a holiday full …
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  18. Because Darigold sent me a bunch of cheese

    Comments Off on Because Darigold sent me a bunch of cheese

    September 30, 2015 by Terumi

    white cheddar cheese made by darigold

    I never knew Darigold was a Washington brand until we started visiting Issaquah on the way to where we’re building …
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  19. First time at the International Food Blogger Conference in Seattle Washington


    September 17, 2015 by Terumi

    Food is so much a part of our day that I almost take it for granted but it definitely drives …
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  20. If Mickey invites you to Portland, you can get there and back from Seattle in a day


    June 24, 2015 by Terumi

    Last month I received something truly fabulous in my inbox when I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms …
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