Eating out with kids

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If you’re looking for our favorite places to eat in Seattle, here’s our ever-evolving list.

I imagine that being a hungry toddler in a restaurant is like being a lion in a room full of meat….full of uncontrollable energy, desires and only one thought-“MUST EAT NOW!”  How can you tame your little beast when you eat out?  Let’s try:


1) Pack Distractors(keys, crayons, fruit leather-I tend to use things that I’ve noticed they’ve really liked then I’ve stashed them away so they’re only available for restaurant eating) in your diaper bag/fancy purse/backpack. I’m not really a big fan of technology in restaurants so I try to grab things that aren’t too distracting to diners around us too.

2) Order kids’ food immediately when you get to your eating place.

3) Use restaurant offered distractors first.  Then pull out your own.

4) Cross fingers and hope kids food shows up soon.

Eating at the Mall (with more than one child and you are outnumbered.)

1) Scope out the food and high chair situation before you pull the kiddos out of the stroller. Bring distractors that you only bring to restaurants with you to entertain.

2) Order and grab utensils, extra napkins, and ensure you have enough plates.

3) Set up shop near where you ordered.  Put kids in high chairs (Purell, Purell, Purell) and give distractors.

4) Grab food and dish it out.  Enjoy!

Eating at celebration restaurants with kids.

When I say celebration restaurants, I mean the fancy sort.  Call ahead and make sure they are kid-friendly.  No one wants a screaming baby interrupting an expensive engagement meal.  If a restaurant has a kid’s meal, they’ve likely had kids there before.  I generally peruse the menu online before I go, so I know what I want and what I can order for the kids.  This takes the stress out of deciding, and I usually have more fun.  Hopefully you’ll have a lot of extra hands when you go.

And eating out in General

Time being little passes quickly but soon little ones grow up bigger.  I’m hoping that over time by ‘practicing’ we can establish eating out norms that will allow our kids to become respectful restaurant eaters because this is such a big part of our lives.

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