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Three Girls Bakery in Pike Place Market

A Warm and Uplifting Reuben Sandwich at Three Girls Bakery (52 weeks of Pike Place Market, Seattle

March 25, 2016

Just when you think it’s spring in Seattle, we get a few chilly blasts that remind us to give weather the reverence it deserves.  The day I was lunching at Seattle’s Pike Place Market for this week’s market lunch entry it was so blustery that I wanted to be somewhere cozy but I wasn’t craving […]

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pike place market public eating space

A hearty vegetarian lunch under $10 at Pike Place Market (La Vaca Burrito Express, Seattle)

January 28, 2016

I love trying new places, but in Seattle’s Pike Place Market where I already have some lovely dependable favorites, it can be a bit terrifying to eat somewhere new.  WHAT IF I CHOOSE WRONG??? What if this meal opportunity is RUINED?  And then I realize I sound like my 7-year-olds when they are faced with […]

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