Festive Breakfast in a Box from Trader Joes (Ballard, Seattle, WA)

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On cold weekend mornings like the one we had today, there is nothing better than pancakes.  Usually, we go to our tried and true Snoqualmie Falls Pancake Mix, but I spotted this at Trader Joe’s yesterday, and thought we’d try it out:It was a little harder than Snoqualmie, as we had to add milk, eggs and melted butter (It almost seemed like we were really cooking!).  Our first attempt was unsightly but delicious.  I think it was a lovely prelude to the snowflakes that are currently falling down.

Since we were so caught up in cooking, I dragged out another purchase I bought recently from a surprising place.  I have been looking for cheap playdough rolling pins everywhere and finally found them at Old Navy downtown by the cashier for a buck!  Good to know for upcoming snow days,eh?. days, eh?

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