Toddlers’ First Hot Chocolate

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We went to the zoo yesterday and were greeted by cold weather and a few flakes.

So today it was no surprise to see:andThe snow is still falling at our house while the guys recover from this morning’s adventures.(I’m hoping we tired them out tremendously-let’s go 4pm naps!)  They also got to try something else fabulous and new when we finally got all our snowstuff off and got back inside the house.  I found this at Williams Sonoma last week and discovered it is delicious and easy to make:You take one of the chocolatey-truffle-like things and put it in a cup with hot milk and mix it with a spoon.  Super easy and the boys were in love. Too in love.  I had to pretend it was all gone so I could enjoy my own cup now.

PS it’s a little on the spendy side, but sometimes, like today, you just need a warm cuppa chocolatey delight.

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