Bravest thing I’ve ever done…

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I took the two crazies on the bus on Friday.  By myself. And we had a blast. I made sure we had a back up plan arranged with Daddy P just in case there were tears and mayhem but I did fine and so did they.  I didn’t have to use my lifeline or phone a friend this time.  It started to trickle rain as we left the house so we bundled up and marched the .3 miles to the bus-stop.  Thank you Metro Bus Trip Planner for getting us to where we need to be.  My husband tried to insist I download a bus app before I left, but I didn’t want to have to fiddle with something and just left 15 minutes earlier than I needed to (you might want to check it out though-it’s through

Daddy P was very surprised I wanted to do this trip.  I’m not sure how I got this into my head either, but it’s been perculating for a while since the boys are obsessed with buses-I even posted a question about how to do it on my twin mom’s forum a couple months ago. (Most responses were the WhyTF variety-and yes that made me want to do it more.) Anyways, it is a doable adventure even for someone who in their past life has had to enlist help from parents, friends, friends of friends and random people to help her find her way home after bus trips gone awry. The guys were in awe the whole time and I had tasks like keeping them on the bench during the jolty ride, or making sure they didn’t step on the dog poo(yes dog poo!) on the floor of the bus, and making them hold my hands while cars zoomed past us on the walking part downtown to give me all the thrill I needed to get this bus trip idea out of my head for at least another month.

Here we are waiting for the bus.










Here we are on the bus looking a little frazzled but feeling successful.  It was now pouring rain outside, btw.








And here we are at Johnny Rockets at Pacific Place where Daddy P met us for lunch. (Not on my list of favorites, but they had lovely service and the guys enjoyed their meal.)  Of course we upgraded to a milkshake to commemorate this journey!

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