Sharks on the Farm

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Yesterday at farm school it was time to saddle up and get on a pony named Rio. But before we could ride him, we had to do some manual labor.

This meant that no matter how cute you looked in your little shark hat, you still had to go and get buckets of sawdust to make Rio’s friend Eli’s bed really nice.

I was really proud how well the boys took to the task:









We had a quick break as our teacher explained the task at hand and how to ride the horses.  The toddlers listened intently.

Then back to work.

Finally!  All that work paid off! Both boys did a lap of the barn without their neurotic mother grabbing them at all.  And both boys were quite proud of themselves for riding around the whole barn all by themselves too!

*Incidently, this truly was a day of confidence building in toddlers.  As we were heading out to school, Leelee realized that he could actually lock me out of the house while I shuffled the Bean to the car.  Thankfully I had my keys with me at the time.  A fellow classmate realized that she could lock her parents out of their van after class.  Unfortunately they did not have their keys at the time. Oh no.

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