Go Sounders Go and Grow Garden Grow

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Let me start by saying that soccer is a really weird sport.  There are scarves and chants and very theatrical moves.  I’ve seen three games and still don’t really know what is going on.  But in my efforts to become a full-fledged soccer momma, we’ll be going to a lot of games this year, and I’m glad the guys are really getting into it.  The Bean looks more excited in this first picture than Lili, but that is due to an unfortunate incident that happened at his first game: a giant gorilla in a Sounders suit gave LIli a high five, then took off his head to reveal a man inside.  Yes, the man was worried that the gorilla was scary to my kid, but the man inside the gorilla freaked Lili out so much that he spent the first half of our last game worried about the gorilla coming back to the game.  Thankfully, the game was pretty exciting and we had lots of cheering, fireworks and streamers to keep his mind off that worry-even if most of the family doesn’t know what’s going on, these games are super fun.

Here’s the Bean with his scarf pride:

And here Lili is with Daddy all smiles after a gorilla-free first half.









I am not in these pictures because I refuse to buy a jersey yet.  This lack of sportsman-like conduct cost me about $2.50 at Uwajimaya.  Apparently if you show your ticket or wear Sounders gear on game day, you get 10% off your purchase.  Good to know, right?  I will definitely sport some kind of green theme the next time I go to the checkstand.

As for the green growing in my garden, we have a couple things growing that I can’t help but cheer about.  Here are onions.

And carrots.











And strawberries with a horse decoration one of the kids made at farm school


And a sweet Bean.

This is the same sweet Bean variety that chanted “Go Dog Go” with his brother while everyone else cheered “Go Sounders Go”.  Our theatre experiences were definitely memorable.  Let’s hope the same thing holds true with this new soccer endeavor.

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  1. Ohhhh I was wondering why were there lots of people wearing Xbox jersey at the Pacific Sci Center on Sunday. I’m a bad Seattleites 🙂 Your kids are adorable!

    1. So sorry, I think I missed this comment. My guys love the Science Center! Have you taken the kids to the new 3D baby animal movie there yet? Thanks!

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