Hallowe’en in Singapore

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We celebrated Hallowe’en on the road this year, but I couldn’t help but bring costumes along. In Singapore, we saw Hallowe’en decorations in the stores, a really gruesome display at Sentosa Island and I was tempted to try exploring when I heard there was some kind of trick or treating around an American school (Thank you for your ideas Travel with Bella!).  But we kept things simple, wearing our Cat in the Hat costumes in the closest thing to a “thinga-ma-jigger” we could find:

thingamajigger from the cat in the hat

The Singapore Flyer.

homemade cat in the hat costumes at the singapore great wheel

It is pretty much a giant ferris wheel city-viewer similar to the London Eye.  Luckily it was air conditioned so that face-paint didn’t run and the costumes didn’t get to hot.  The guys were enthralled with the view and couldn’t stop saying “I’m Cat in the Hat”.  They really thought the Singapore Flyer was their own epic ride.

halloween in singapore wearing our cat in the hat costumes at the great wheel

cat in the hat costumes in singapore on the great wheel

view from the singapore great wheel with kids

halloween in singapore with kids

homemade cat in the hat costumes for toddlers

It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime Hallowe’en experience for us.  And though I totally missed seeing them trick-or-treating with their buddies, I’m very thankful this adventure didn’t come with a giant bag of goodies to tempt me through November.

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