Fall and a Fantastic Find

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One of the reasons I love living in the Northwest so much is that we get to wake up to fabulous days where the air is crisp, the leaves are colorful and piles just beckon for kids to jump in.

On days like these even breakfast smiles!

And although it seems like Christmas is in a big hurry to get here, I just want to savor these fall days for just a little while more.  I found a really great idea that’s been helping me get creative with the guys lately.  I recently ordered a Babbabox and it was waiting for me when we got home from Asia.

What is it?

It’s another monthly subscription program, similar to my favorite monthly nailpolish, but it focuses on activities you can do with your kids.  And it sends you all the stuff you need in order to make 3-4 crafts/activities inside the box.  And I love it because you can use it as is and you don’t have to go out and run to the store to get anything unless you want to.
The first activity we tried was a corn bracelet activity.  It took about twenty minutes and we used the guide to talk about different types of corn and the boys loved the pictures and selecting the beads to put on the bracelet.  I liked that there was a purpose to the activity-this was working on hand-eye coordination-and I loved watching my guys concentrate so hard on a “fun” activity.

They proudly wore their corn for the rest of the afternoon.

There was also a harvest bag activity using a really neat ball and stencils  for sponge-painting  But, because I have two kids, and there was only one bag provided, I used canvases that I recently bought from Joann Crafts for a really good deal. I also cut the ball in half.  I loved how the boys selected their paints and made their leaves and acorns mottled.  We even used a couple real leaves from the ones we found on our leaf-jumping outing and used them as stamps too.

This was an amazing acitivty.  I love how they turned out and the boys were so proud of themselves.

We’re hanging the canvases with our Thanksgiving decorations and I’ve dated the backs so I’ll remember the guys were only three when we made these.  (And I will definitely go and buy another bag to supplement so we can re-do this activity.  Stop reading now if you’re a grandma as you will probably get this as a canvas bag under the tree this holiday season.)

Anyways, there is one more craft in the box and a lovely storybook and I’m very excited to see what the next box will bring.  I’m thinking thankfulness, or Christmas might be a theme and I’m definitely thankful for the memories this box helps me create in our home. ( If you’re looking for a great present for the holidays, make a note now.  This is definitely a fantastic find.)

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