Santa and Wishlists

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The nice thing about going to visit Santa on a rainy day at a Christmas tree farm is that you don’t have a line and the kids get a chance to “really talk” to the big guy and tell him what they want.  Santa and wishlists are such a big deal right now in our house.  We went to Christmas Creek and visited Santa and it was absolutely magical.

This year, there were no tears.  No screams.  No flailing arms.  The guys had a mission.  And I think I need to credit Fisher Price and their prolific catalogs in my mailbox for my guys’ determination.  My boys’ first ever real conversation with Santa happened and they asked him for a “Santa Train.” (The girl after them brought tears to my eyes-she came with a present FOR Santa!  I seriously thought that was the sweetest thing ever!)

This train has been on their list since September.  Maybe they think Santa only brings North Pole themed items?  Or maybe they truly think this set is absolutely fantastic.  I’m a little worried that it won’t have a long shelf-life in the house, but it does have a big age range, so maybe they can use it for a couple years if only at Christmastime. Santa told them, if they are good, he will do his best to find them a surprise. (And thanks to a Cyber Monday week sale that mom forwarded to him, he might be able to grant a little wish….)  In our house, the best wish that has been granted in the past little while is both a blessing and a pain. ( IF a toddler needs to potty in the forest, does one really need a potty???)

(PS. Looking back from a few years later, the Santa Train arrived and lasted YEARS in our house.  This was one of their best and long-lasting presents and we still go see Santa at Christmas Creek every year too!  It’s become a tradition!)

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