Seattle Top Pot Morning

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We were running errands and I asked the boys where they wanted to go for a snack.

They wanted doughnuts. Sprinkly Top Pot doughnuts to be exact.  (I guess I didn’t specify a healthy snack.) Usually we go to the one downtown, but I remembered there was one in Queen Anne.  (Too conveniently located next to the new Molly Moon’s.  Now that is a dessert dilemma right there.)  They were out of sprinkles, so the boys chose their second best flavors: chocolate with a hole and chocolate without a hole.

I didn’t realize this Top Pot had a little play table.

We might have to make this our doughnut shop of choice, even if we have to bring our own sprinkles next time.  It’s nice that getting out with the duo is getting a whole lot easier.  And I love that we’re seeing more and more little play tables pop up at local coffee shops.  (Crossing fingers hoping this trend continues….)

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