Hockey Night in Kent

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After weeks of the boys being Kyla and T-bird, the hubby and I are ready for the duo to start a new sport.  So the other night we headed to Kent for the first time to see the Thunderbirds in their “new” stadium.  (We used to go regularly when they were at Key Arena, pre-duo and haven’t seen them since they moved to the Showare stadium.)

It’s a little drive from Seattle (40 minutes?) and there was a lot of traffic around the stadium looking for parking, but we made it just in time for the national anthem.  (The boys’ favorite part.)  This is how the two looked for most of the game.

If you look closely at THESE players, you can see we picked a perfect game night for the duo.  It was “Mascot Night” so during the intermissions, all the local mascots came out and entertained the crowd.

The boys were delighted to see their favorite airline’s mascot up close.

And they loved the traditional “chuck a puck” contest where everyone throws orange pucks (3 for 5 bucks) onto the ice in hopes of winning big prizes.

We watched the opposing team line up to get on the ice.  Both boys removed their red jackets when they realized that they were wearing the color of the “wrong” team. (oops!)

They were also thrilled when “Cool Bird” made it to our section.

It was neat to see how much fun WHL games are for young kids.  There’s always something to see and do, even if it’s not just watching the game and the boys were excited all the way home.  I wonder whether they’ll be playing hockey or volleyball this week.  I think the Bean might end up being a Zamboni driver one day too.

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