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Airplane ride at Silverwood
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Do your kids do this to when they fly?  My guys spend a good portion of every flight studying the ‘safety manual’ and asking me questions about all the emergencies that can happen on an airplane.  It’s like I’m in the most interactive type of horror movie possible where I have to imagine and address each and every one of my fears about flying at 35,000 feet while I calmly explain the safety measures in place: in case there’s a fire, in case we have a water landing, in case someone gets sick, in case a window accidentally opens-the scenarios are endless. (The Chuckie movies that used to haunt me as a teen are mild in comparison.) By the time we reach our destination, I’m thoroughly rattled, relieved and ready for vacation.  Please tell me that some of you travelers out there are just as white-knuckled as I am….

(PS I think there are some books you can read if you’re afraid of flying like me.  Have you tried Soar: The breakthrough Treatment for Fear of Flying? Or Flying without Fear? Or if you have suggestions or can tell me what you do when you fly if you’re scared, I’d love to hear as well.)

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! Love your Friday Daydreamin’-very cool idea:) I love hearing where everyone is traveling too-I learn so much about the world.

  1. I manage to hide it from my kids but I am definitely a nervous flyer. Every little noise or bump sets me on edge and I HATE turbulence!!

  2. Hah! Are you kidding?? The kids draw straws to see who gets to sit next to mom on a plane because they know the instant we hit turbulence they’ll have my fingernails digging into their arms. I also refuse to have the windows open under the belief that if I don’t see the ground, I’m technically not so high up . . .

  3. I’m not a nervous flyer, but your post made me smile because all little boys seem to have an inborn fascination with danger and destruction. My little guy is 13 now and still manages to come up with scenarios where we explode or crash or run for our lives.

    1. oh no! 13? I thought it would get better by then! Is it like spiders where we have to pretend we like them so they don’t chase us with them? I need to steel up a little bit or they’re totally going to terrify me as they get older! Thank you for the heads up:)

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