Blowhole, penguin love and a teeny request

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No trip to our zoo would be complete without a trip to the penguins.  I can’t believe how active they’ve been lately, chasing the boys around and popping by the windows to say ‘hello’.

Despite their incredible cuteness, the boys sometimes overlook the penguins altogether in favor of this silly blowhole.  The other day there were no fewer than 10 little boys surrounding it waiting for it to blow.  But it is a fabulous structure and there is a pattern to it.  (When the waves in the penguin exhibit stop, the blowhole shoots.  This must be science, right?)

This exhibit (the boys’ favorite) is Woodland Park Zoo’s newest big project and the zoo is now working on a huge project (at least 3 times this size) for the tigers and sloth bears.  If you are an animal lover like me and would like to help a teensy bit, they are doing a 10 for tigers campaign. (I’ve joined Betty White and slapped down my ten;)  Here’s to a better homes for our furry friends who teach my children so much about life, the environment and why we need to protect it.

(PS if you do help out please leave a comment below, and we’d love to send you a postcard with some smiling faces.  This might not work on all of you, but maybe it’ll twist the arm of our grandmas and aunties.  Pretty please?)

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