U:don an udon restaurant in Seattle (University district, Seattle)

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  • June 9, 2012
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Oh how I wish Seattle had more places like U:don.  We saw so many noodle houses in Japan and loved how you can customize your udon noodles and it’s so fast it’s practically “INSTANT” fast food.  (Translation: perfect kids’ meals!  Who wants to wait with kids in tow?)  The menu looks a little tricky because it’s so simple: You just choose what size udon noodles you want, what type of broth/hot or cold order from the chef and pick out your tempura pieces.  ( A safe bet is the Soup Udon but I love the Oroshi udon because I love the flavor of daikon radish in the soup base.)  This concept is a lot like Subway and would be so great for so many other types of foods.  But we do love noodles and Udon noodles are really delicious.

Yum!  Does your family have a favorite noodle place in Seattle?  We’re always looking to add to our repertoire of favorites!

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