Chocoron (Aoki Bakery, Paris)

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The boys are totally addicted to everything macaron, so I couldn’t help but squeal with glee when I found this lovely confection among the millions of macarons enticing shoppers in Paris.  A chocoron. (English Translation: a heavenly macaron enrobed with chocolate).  Oh and it was delightful.  I wonder when we’ll start seeing these stateside.

perfect chocolate covered macaron from aoki bakery in paris

You can find this delightful chocoron among other exquisite desserts at the Aoki Bakery.  My friend knows that I love bakeries and took me to Aoki Bakery so we could have pastries together.  It was so difficult to choose, but the two below were devoured in the Jardin du Luxembourg on a sunny afternoon and this bakery is definitely one of my favorites in Paris.

pastries from aoki bakery in paris










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  1. Seriously I love this bakery. Thanks so much for bringing me:) (twice!) So jealous you can go there ALL THE TIME! <3

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