Trainforest (Monteverde, Costa Rica)


August 19, 2012 by admin

I don’t know why I showed the kids this video on youtube but I did and then going on the Monteverde Rain Forest train became a must do on the duo’s Costa Rica adventure list.

I couldn’t find much information on what this tour would be like and after taking the guys on trains all over I didn’t want to miss out.

I was surprised that most people on the train seemed to be over 50 and there was only one other child, and the train was packed!  It was about a 45 minute ride to a lookout point where we got out to see Arenal while drinking a yummy hot sugary drink with cookies,

tried out one of their beautiful flushing outhouses,

walked around a bit and then got back on the train, reversed and went back the way we came.  It was pretty expensive at 50 dollars each for the hubby and I and 35 each for the boys and it’s pretty much a train to see the forest and there is so much forest to see in Monteverde if you walk or zipline through.  (So this is a great tour if you want to see the forest but don’t want to walk around-so it is a really good tour if you have stroller-age kids in tow.)  We didn’t see any animals on the train but the hubby swore he saw a coatimundi when he took one of the guys to the bathroom.  It might be more worthwhile to get a package that includes a meal because it looks like they have a nice buffet.  And ultimately I am glad we went on this adventure but I would not brave the heart-attack inducing roads to get there again.  Of course my little train-lovers were thrilled their train dream had been fulfilled.


  1. […] get off somewhere or what exactly this Sugarcane Train was.  But, we have driven hours to ride a train in Monteverde  , and countless other trains around the country.  With two boys who actually like to ride […]

  2. Oh fun! We were in Costa Rica last summer and didn’t do that one. It looks like a good time!

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