Coolest Ice Ceam in Denver

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What is it about ice cream that just melts away all the cares in the world?  I adored going with my sister and dad to a little ice cream shop in the mall near where I grew up.  It had curved chairs and pictures of fancy scooped desserts on the wall and I have so many memories of eating cones there between lessons or after school.  This Little Man Ice Cream in Denver is the same type of place kids will remember longingly when they grow up and hope to one day revisit with their families.  Not only does it have curvy little chairs, it has a giant silver silo, a speedy slide so tempting I saw a few adults give it a try, and hula hoops you can twirl while you finish your cone.

And do you remember these balloon machines?  It wasn’t working (I’m not sure if it actually ever will) but I totally remember getting balloons from machines like this at Chuckie Cheese ages ago.  Do you remember these balloon machines?

The coolest thing I loved about this place (besides tasty ice cream!) is their Scoop for Scoop program.  They pretty much donate the equivalent of a scoop of beans/rice to a developing country for every scoop of ice cream they sell and you know how much I adore businesses that give back.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go back here again one day.  What a lovely sweet Denver business and I’m so glad we made it part of our trip!


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