Starting my Christmas List

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It’s incredible how many things you can buy if you really want to and how easy it is to find them nowadays via the interwebs but I do like to keep it old fashioned where I can.  We have been making Christmas Idea Vision Boards: the guys with their Toys R Us fliers and me with my old magazines and it’s been quite a time-consuming activity.  (And of course, I’ve loved every minute of it!)

And though it might seem early to be shopping, Black Friday is only 2 weeks away and it seems like many retailers are trying their best NOW to entice us to shop.  (WILLPOWER!) In doing my research I’ve found some ideas (good and bad) you might want to consider.

Like these pj’s for your “baby” sister or brother:  (I got this pic from the Jockey catalog in the mail, but couldn’t find it on the site.  I’ve been giggling about it all day.)

Or this shirt for a tired new mom that you know (I doctored it a little to make it pg, but you can buy it at Urban Outfitters.  URBAN OUTFITTERS!)  I sometimes wish I was brave enough to go with this direct approach when the guys were babies.  And I can’t imagine who else could really get away with wearing such a shirt in public except for maybe moms of triplets and real zombies.

I love this gift for world travelers or for people who just like to scratch things.

And I want to get my guys these pillows so they can dream about the world.

For the niece or nephew that’s not your favorite, please don’t buy any of these, but do peruse these lists of dangerous toys because some of them are quite horrible-funny in an oh-my-goodness-I-can’t-believe-they-made-and-sold-that-sort-of-way.

For the guy who has everything I found a beer advent calendar.  (Thank you Pinterest).

And why would this just not be the same if it came in grownup size?

But this is by far my favorite gift.  Coal. You can actually buy it online.  I thought it was extinct. ( Hopefully none of you will be getting this from me for Christmas.  Happy Shopping  Researching!)

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