Something to contemplate while you travel or maybe just sit in your car

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The hubby always thinks I’m a little paranoid neurotic but strange things always happen to me.  Like today at Costco I was just sitting in the car while the kids napped and he ran in to pick up a few things when the car door opens and I’m like “wow you’re back…..whaa???!!
The man getting into my car was NOT my husband.  His rear was halfway on the driver’s seat and my heart was halfway into my shoes when the man looked up embarrassed and shocked at my pale-white halfway to screaming face and mumbled “….not my van” and hopped out.
Thankfully it was just a case of two similar vans parked in close proximity.
So lets call this a lucky one.
But unless you or I actually like meeting totally random strangers who might potentially drive one of us away, let’s make a pact to always lock our doors.

Lesson learned.

Now I’m trying to convince the hubby that an almost-near-death experience like this warrants the purchase of something with a near-death price tag.  How’s this for the kind of suitcase that makes you just want to pack up and leave somewhere?

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 9.44.47 AM

A suitcase like this harkens to those good old days of fancy scarves, big sunglasses, leather gloves and a convertible ride where we definitely wouldn’t have to worry about locked doors.

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