Snowstorm with packing peanuts

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Friday morning I needed to pack for a trip up north and I got distracted by the UPS man and a big box of snow. It was so full that I could barely find the items I ordered inside the box with all the packing peanuts they had piled it with.

packing peanuts

Maybe I was hit by the festive cheer fairy or the thought of potential snow on our trip, but this reminded me of those sensory tables they use in preschool filled with beans only this could be snow! (Or maybe even one of those Find it games only not contained.)

Screen Shot 2012-12-10 at 9.20.12 AM

I found some teeny objects to throw in the box, then counted them (there were 14) so none of them would get totally lost in the snowstorm and recycled.


When the guys saw the box they were thrilled. We all had a blast pulling out all the little animals and people.  They even made up little rules like if you dumped snow on the ground you had to put your treasures back and start again.


I was patting myself on the back like I was the biggest genius in the room.  We were having so much fun.

Then the phone rang and I turned my back for one split second.  ONE second.  And that’s when my little velociraptors made their move.

In literally the time it takes for one to tell a telemarketer “Thank you for calling, but not today” giant snowdrifts formed from the kitchen to the bathroom.  You couldn’t even see the floor.


This game resulted in another game: an hour and a half game of find all the little white snow-pieces hidden in the house.  (This mommy is now thinking that the duo should get this reverse snowblower for Christmas.)  So if you play this game, please play at your own risk.

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