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I wish I was a gifted packer but alas I am not.  I can pack quickly but it doesn’t look pretty.  If it were up to me, I’d just transfer this pile directly to my suitcase.  I believe it’s technically packing as long as everything ends up in the suitcase.

PackingVolia! Packing complete.
But the hubby likes things nice and neat, so these little packing cubes are our marriage saver when we travel.

Packing cubes for travel
They look neat in a suitcase. They keep things organized. But I can still stuff them however I like.  So everyone is happy-especially when we share a suitcase.  Something tells me I’ll be getting more of these for Valentine’s Day.  (If only they sold these at Tiffanys then hubbys everywhere might linger longer in the sparkly aisle)  Does anyone else use cubes like these?  Any favorites?

5 thoughts on “Packing

  1. I’ve never used them. I don’t think the stuff would stay in them for long because I think once I pulled stuff out I would never take the time to put it neatly back in.

  2. We embraced packing cubes a couple of years ago. They are fantastic and I find they are also good because they set a shopping limit – once the cube is full you either need to stop shopping or cull. I can usually manage to cull all our clothes into those cubes … but actually managing the 3D challenge of getting them to fit into the packs with all the other various possessions … that’s a challenge I completely fail at. Our system is I find the stuff and shove it in the cubes (and often hubby repacks it neater!) and then my husband actually packs it into the bags.

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