I want to feed a panda

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Normally, these kinds of wishes are taboo.  These are the ones you think,yes, great, now move along and think of something else to wish for, something more realistic.  But you really can feed pandas at the Zoo Atlanta.  Who wouldn’t want to feed a panda?
How is this even possible? This picture is from their website, but just imagine me holding that carrot.  Or maybe I’d let the guys do it, because that’s what moms are supposed to do.  (But, this is totally my dream.  Who wouldn’t want to meet a panda or feed a panda in real life?)

Feed a panda at Zoo Atlanta
I now know what it feels like to be a small toddler who wants a toy VERY badly.  I hope we can go to the Zoo Atlanta soon!

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  1. OK so it might not be doable but the Toronto Zoo brought in 2 pandas this week!! Want to come for a visit? Not sure if you are allowed to feed them (I have a feeling the answer is no LOL) but at least you can see them in person!

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