Snorkeling with Kids on Maui

dolphins swimming with our snorkeling tour
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I don’t know how I missed updating about this one.  I was going through our photos from our Maui trip and I found this dolphin picture.


This wasn’t even one of those things they advertised that we were going to see on this snorkel trip we booked when we went to Maui but on the way home a school of about 50 dolphins followed our boat and we could see them all around us and under us.  It was totally magical.

Dolphin sighting on Maui snorkeling tour

We booked a tour because the boys had so much fun whale-watching in Kihei that we decided they could do a snorkeling trek to Molokini which just sounded absolutely beautiful. It was supposed to be around a 4 hour tour and we booked our trip with Maui Charters on the Four Winds II because it had a glass bottom and things to help the kids snorkel.  We were still a little nervous because taking kids anywhere in a trapped environment for that period of time can get a little dicey.

This turned out to be an awesome tour.  We saw whales all the way to Molokini (We went in February which is definitely a great time to see humpback whales) and we ate a light breakfast of bagels and fruit.


We had about an hour to snorkel when we got to Molokini and there was a lovely barbeque lunch.

Snorkeling with kids on Maui wearing wetsuits

We paid an extra 5 dollars for the wetsuits for the boys and they loved their snorkel boats.


P1100580Snorkeling with kids on Maui

Snorkeling with kids using paddle board with window on maui

Snorkeling with kids on maui

They also enjoyed the undersea window.


The only downside was the amount of selling.  There was a guy trying to take pictures/video and it was a little weird to get followed when you were snorkeling around.  But it was fun watching the video on the way back though so I kind of understand and I saw people buying it (not us) so obviously there is some kind of demand.  We brought our own little underwater camera and the pics turned out fine.  (And I really don’t want underwater bathing suit pictures of myself, thank you very much.)


We stopped in a turtle area where we saw a few turtles swimming about.  And then we saw the dolphins and I think I was 5 all over again.  (Didn’t we all want to be marine biologists when we were 5?)

I’m glad we did this tour.  It’s good if your kids don’t mind sitting for a while.  We brought a range of clothing options and I’m glad I brought some windbreaker jackets for the ride home because it got a little windy and cold.

(PS. We bought a Go-Pro because we saw it used on this tour and it took amazing photos and video but we’ve since returned it because it had software problems, overheated and was a little difficult to use with kids in tow.  Anyone know of another all-weather easy to use camera that you love?)


10 thoughts on “Snorkeling with Kids on Maui

  1. We were on that exact same boat on a snorkel trip to Molokini a few years ago! My husband and older daughter snorkelled but I stayed on board the boat with my younger daughter because she was afraid. We spent a good part of the time looking through the glass bottom. Didn’t see any dolphins but we did see sea turtles on the way back!

    1. Great minds think alike;) I wish we were down in the bottom when the dolphins came by. I am always amazed at how much stuff actually lives in the water and how on earth you can’t see it from the top!

  2. How cool to see all those dolphin and whales on this trip! I love the boys’ snorkel boats. We saw a few people going on to Molokini but didn’t get around to doing this trip. Looks like another great trip. BTW, we have the GoPro and haven’t had any issues with it.My husband took it with him snorkeling a few times but bought a special casing.

  3. What a cool experience! Your little ones look adorable in the wetsuits and I love the snorkeling boats.

    We went snorkeling in Cozumel and it was a really cool experience, but they were also pretty pushy- wanted us to pose for pictures. It was a huge leap out of my comfort zone to even don a bathing suit- no way did I want a picture!

  4. Wow! I am so impressed your boys loved snorkelling. Unfortunately I am the only swimmer in the family so who knows when I will be able to convince the rest of them to go with me!

    I need one of those boats. Maybe the family would say yes 😉

    1. They totally would! I didn’t use to swim either but then the whole family does so I have to:)

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