Kids’ Tillamook Yogurt Review

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I got an email about a month ago about Tillamook wanting to send us some yogurt for review.  My guys (all of them-the hubby included) eat yogurt almost every day for breakfast and one of our favorites is Tillamook so of course I said yes.  (And I’m starting to realize that these are two 4-year old boys we’re feeding!  They eat a lot!)


Little did I know that this email literally meant that underneath these cute little goodies they sent there would be a big silver bag.

photo(928) And in that giant puffy silver bag, there would be 4 actual yogurts packed with ice.  YOGURT in the mail??  Now that is a very cool way to get yogurt.


We definitely had some fun playing around with this one.  The duo thought the beard in the media kit was goofy and they took the picture of me trying it too. They both think vanilla yogurt is the best.  We all top our yogurt with Muesli that has a lot of chocolate in it.


One day I want to recreate this granola and yogurt delight we had at the Rooster Cafe a few weeks ago on Isla Mujeres.  But in the morning, I’m a little lazy and probably wouldn’t cut up all that fruit.  This would have to be an afternoon snack but it was as tasty as it was gorgeous.

Anyways, the hubby and I stopped by the Tillamook factory in Oregon on our honeymoon, years and years ago and we have some really good memories of sampling cheeses and eating ice cream there.  I’m hoping to bring my guys some day….maybe an Oregon coast field trip is in order?

(PS. I was sent some yogurt in the mail and some coupons and a little cow and a silly beard but I’m not required to post anything and all of the ideas here are my own. )

PPS. my mom thinks that my dog sis can tell the difference between Tillamook cheese and other types of cheeses. )

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