Glamping up my digs with Lamps Plus

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Remember when I went to San Francisco a few weeks ago?  One stop I went to was a lighting event for bloggers at a really sweet Lamps Plus store.

While the hubby found the coolest park ever with the boys, I got to chat with some lovely design bloggers and think about lamps for my home.

Now this is probably the first time post-kids that I’ve actually sat and thought about my home lighting and all of a sudden everything in my house seemed unbearably bare.
I recently finished my picture wall after realizing I had nothing hanging up in my living room.  (These I did using Snapbox and a print I bought at 20×200 a while back.)


But now I was in a lamp smorgasbord.


I love the way the colors in the new Color Plus line pop and you can choose your own lampshade too.  I found one that goes perfectly well with my green walls.

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently (more on that later) so I stuck it next to the piano for now and I’ve been enjoying the calm glow it brings to my room.  In a few weeks after I dig myself out of my hole I’ll let you know where the lamp eventually chooses to live and hopefully you can see its awesome style.  With two crazy boys in the house
I find the guys keep using it as a stand for Jemma and I’m going to have to teach them about not touching mom’s nice and breakable things.


The other lamp I loved was this sunny yellow one.


It reminds me of a lemon covered couch we used to whizz past on the way to college and I always thought I’d buy it when I finished.  Unfortunately the couch was discontinued before my graduation so I’m so lucky I found this lamp!  I think it’s really going to add such a delicious pop of color to my half of the crafts/office room the hubby and I are working on.  We’ve just dumped everything in a giant pile, and our task at night is to sort for twenty minutes. It’s not pretty but it’s definitely work in progress.


I can’t wait to update you in a few weeks.  We have a giant trip planned, the hubby’s work party and some house stuff in between, but we’re plugging through twenty minutes at a time….

(PS. I was given a coupon toward my lamps at lamp plus but these thoughts are my own.  )
(PPS I’m sure Lamps Plus in San Francisco was not intending me to use their bathroom at all but I did.  I was so happy to find out they were composting their hand towels.  I love when a company actually tries to make the world a better place, even if their customers might not even see this part.  Things like this make me love a company.  Thank you Lamps Plus! )

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