Five Delightful Vancouver Eats with Kids in Tow

cafe medina waffles
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Whenever we head to Vancouver, we have some regular stops but we’re always trying to expand our food repertoire.  We spent a good week up in Vancouver for Christmas Break and while we had a lot of family events to eat at, we had some fun eating around Vancouver too.  The first place is a classic that the boys think ties with place #2. We can’t help but stop at Tim Hortons when we’re in Vancouver. Their bagels and soup make easy lunches and the kids are thrilled if we get a box of timbits for dessert.


And yes, the kids SAY that Thierry Chocolaterie Patisserie Cafe is tied with Tim Hortons (a high honor in their books) but I would argue that they like this fancy bakery just a little bit more.  We love Thierry for pain au chocolats and other delightful pastries in the morning and I would eat here everyday in a heartbeat if I could.

thierry patisserie with kids

When we stay in Vancouver, the hubby or I will sneak out at night after the kids fall asleep to pick up dessert from here and it’s glorious-even if someone has to brave pouring rain to get it.


They also have a drool-worthy selection of macarons but I don’t think we’ve ever actually got a picture before the kids have devoured them.

And I’m not sure if this one is always open on weekday mornings, but we drove by Medina Cafe at Christmas-time and there was miraculously no line, but it was definitely open.

cafe medina waffles

They didn’t have a full-kitchen until 9am and yes we were there earlier than that, but the regular menu is a little too sophisticated my guys’ palates anyways so we weren’t disappointed the least bit when we could only order waffles.  We all loved loved picking our own dips (I could have licked the plate for the white chocolate pistachio) and we devoured perfect waffles, lattes and a fruit plate for an absolutely delicious meal. I even ordered a fancy lemonade for the guys to share but the Bean said “I really want to like it but I don’t.”  Thankfully, I did.

We were also incredibly impressed with the kids’ menu at Burgoo.

burgoo fondue in vancouver

I haven’t been in years and I love that there are now so many Burgoos all around Vancouver-we even saw one in North Vancouver near Lonsdale Quay.  There is a great kids menu with fancy grilled cheese, delicious macaroni and a salad option (thank you!) and our guys has fun trying the fondue we ordered too.

best parking for Milestones crossroads

And I have been in love with Milestones‘ grilled chicken salad for at least a decade so I’m always trying to go there and there are so many around Vancouver that they’re easy to find. I’ve noticed that their kids meal is great too and I love the grilled salmon and grilled chicken options.  All kids meals also come with beverages and a gelato dessert so it isn’t too hard convince the kids that they might like this over a pirate pack when the lineup at White Spot is too long.  It’s nice that it doesn’t FEEL like a kid-friendly restaurant but it still feels okay to bring kids here.  (I’ve heard that Cactus Club, another Vancouver chain we loved growing up is supposedly kid-friendly, but we’ve been there a few times recently and it doesn’t feel like kids are very welcome.)
I’m totally glad we have a lot of Vancouver visits in the New Year.  We have some more fave restaurants listed here and here but would love to hear if there are any more awesome Vancouver eats with or without kids.
(Ps I have pizza famoso, Cartems Donuterie and La taqueria on my list right now!)



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