Pedicures and Shopping on a Stormy Monday

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It is very luxe to spend a Monday out of the cold and I can’t imagine a better place to do it than a lovely place where my toes come out all shimmery and divine. My go-to nail parlor is always Julep-I’ve been going here for years for pedicures.  I love their colors and their parlors are really clean and fun.  My other favorite ‘spa’ in Seattle is Skoah, a fantastic place that started in Vancouver BC, that does amazing facials and I just noticed today that they have a pretty awesome promotion with Seven salon so it’s a good time to book there if you need a facial too.

custom-made pillows from gingiber
Today while I’m getting all painted up I’m swooning over gingiber‘s new online shop.  I had Stacey make me some custom pillows of my favorite puppies recently and I adore the work that she and her team does.  I have my eye on an owl tote bag, and I know a few adorable kitties that might make good pillows too.
I’m also looking for things to do in Switzerland this spring and I totally found a few funicular rides that look amazingly terrifying (I”ve never been on one!) and totally hope we can try this frightening looking train trip too.
And I’ve decided that the boys need this piñata at their birthday. Yes it’s still months away but this is spectacular-actually all the pinatas I looked at on Whack Pinateria look amazing. And I they  must have one at my their party.

soccer pinata from Whack Pinateria

But at least thinking about the guys birthday started me thinking about summer and even though I haven’t even got summer camps under control yet, apparently it’s already time to be thinking about NEXT year.  I nearly missed the open house for the school we’re going to and I thankfully managed to sign my kids up for school on time.  This type of stuff is serious and super confusing and I really hope my kids get my husband’s rational thinking skills instead of my all-over-the-place random thoughts-just-pop-in-my-head genes.  I thought proof of address meant I could just bring all my mail from the day to sign up, but apparently address is proved by things that we get sent online: gas bills, phone bills and all that boring stuff.   So be prepared. (I embarassingly even brought an amazon box full of fun goodies inside.  Why on earth would I send THAT to an address I didn’t live at?) I’m crazy sentimental over both my babies heading out into the big big world and I already know I’m  going to be an emotional goopy mess when they start college!

So happy Monday!  I really hope there’s some good shopping where you are.


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  1. I love this…I’m also at a loss for how to prove our address! Most of my mail is catalogues and amazon boxes, all the “legit” stuff is paid online!

    1. The hubby had to email in the bills so you can probably do the same. I can’t believe our kids are kindergarteners!

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