Coffee Table Shopping and garden musings on a Monday

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It is so hard to buy furniture on the interwebs.  I’ve had my eye on this table for quite some time and it’s now 20% off thanks to a sale that ends TONIGHT.  But I have no idea what it’s going to actually look like, so I’m a little worried but I have a feeling it’s still going to end up in my cart by midnight.

serena and lily coffee table

It’s a fraction of the price of this Jonathan Adler one that I would want in some kind of dream world.  But there are bigger things in life to think about than fancy tables, so I will settle for dreaming about this one and letting it bring me happy thoughts when I look at its picture and search for more affordable options.

I also didn’t realize that Anthropologie sold furniture so something like this,

coffee table from anthropologie

or this

coffee table from anthropologie

could also fit the idea I’m looking for.  (The Foundary Piano stool isn’t actually a coffee table, but we are looking for a seat for our keyboard and this one actually adjusts and could even double as a table.  The hubby wants this piano bench but I think this one is much cuter.)

A friend of mine (Thanks M!) also directed me to Ballard Consignment, a funky local store that would have the look that I’m seeking, so I may pop in there later to help me with my final choice.

I’ve also started planting and it’s made me think I really need a living plant wall.  I love the one at Seattle West Elm, but it’s a little too ginormous for what I need.  I wonder if the same company did the one I love at JJ Bean in Port Moody, British Columbia?

This one is intriguing, but I don’t know how it will look if my plants don’t flow over it like they do in the picture on its website.  Plants are unpredictable and too often with me they end up dead, so a dead plant in an ugly looking planter might just be a hideous eye-sore on my wall.

woolypocket wall planter

And speaking of dead plants-do you know if I’m supposed to put dirt on top of these little beans?

planting beans in a little greenhouse

We couldn’t figure out how to make the peat cover them, so we just figured the seeds would figure things out themselves.  So I’ll let you know what table I choose and if my poor plants survive and if you have any ideas, please send them my way.  (These baby seeds depend on it!)  I hope you have a lovely Monday!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Table Shopping and garden musings on a Monday

  1. Did you soak your peat? That just doesn’t sound right. If you soak the peat pellet pot things they really expand and you should be able to push the seeds in.

    1. I soaked them but there’s a chance that I probably didn’t soak them enough. Thanks so much Heather:)

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