Shopping things I’ve been asked about lately barely making it on a Monday

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Whew. Now that was definitely a weekend. I’ve barely started to put away the decorations from my guys’ birthday but it’s shopping Monday and since shopping is the one thing that gets me through most Mondays the decorations can wait.  I’ve been asked a lot about my shopping purchases lately so I totally thought I’d share.
Of course my fashionable bestie texted me about what I bought at the anniversary sale. (Or #nsale meaning at Nordstrom if you’re following it on twitter but I think it should be #bestsale because it’s probably my favorite of the year.) I admitted to this jacket, and this one, and I’m tempted to buy this Splendid one, and this purse but I didn’t mention I bought these uggs because they are my guilty addiction even though they are practically slippers and shouldn’t be worn EVERY WINTER DAY IN SEATTLE. (In my defense they are soft. Oh so addictively buttery soft!!!)

I also forgot to mention that I figured out a way to create my own amazing makeup box since the hubby made me encouraged me to cancel my Birchbox. Nordstrom ships three free samples with a makeup purchase, regardless of cost so when I ordered my Antica Farmacista room freshener, this showed up:

nordstrom beauty samples
And then it clicked.  If I order this Mac lipglass by itself, it will ship for free and I’ll get another 3 samples that I get to choose from about 12, making a magical sample box with an amazing product I love anytime of the month I want for only $15 dollars.  (See why I heart Nordstrom!  Although I need more makeup like a hole in my head and I was supposed to be figuring out how to get LESS stuff in the house so I won’t be able to do this too often, but maybe YOU will.)
We’ve also had people over lately and they’ve seen my in-progress gallery wall and everyone keeps asking where I get all the same frames. I’m too lazy to frame so I love that snapbox prints frames them for me and they practically ship the next day so if I really wanted to finish my wall tomorrow I could. So I love them. I just have to pick a few more pics and I’m horrible at finishing things so I’m leaving it as is for now and one day when it’s done I’ll post it.  (We may never see that day.  I’m sorry.  But they’re all pics I’ve taken from my instagram feed.)
And every time I wear something Baublebar I get asked where I bought it. So if it’s jewelry and I’m wearing it, it’s almost always Baublebar except now you can get Baublebar at nordstroms so I’ll be in an conundrum telling you where I got it because I love both those stores. I especially love the 10 dollar hidden baubles baublebar emails out if you sign up for their mailing list.
And even though this isn’t technically shopping, I love talking shopping and everything else with my Seattle bloggers group and some in real life friends asked me where I was Thursday when I made these so we definitely get to do some fun and amazing things.

seattle bloggers uniteseattle bloggers unite meetup

It was at Farewell Paperie where our blogging group met up to make letterpress notes and envelopes and I love the sweet ladies who go so it’s a great time.  I was so lucky that Madeline from EdibleJoy got some pics of me trying to hang with Bill the slightly scary letterpress machine and lovely Jen who has the best job in the world:

seattle bloggers unite meetup100 year old letterpress machine

And we always come home with awesome goodie bags (full of neat and some new-to-me-soon-to-be-Mondayshopping-wants items) and they are amazing! And if you have a Seattle blog it’s free to join the club!

seattle bloggers unite
So Happy Monday after the day I set the record for the most parkas at a pool party not in Iceland. More on that one in a few days. Did anyone buy anything fabulous today???

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