Supermoon inspired shopping and easing into back to school on a Monday

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Seeing as we haven’t had clouds in the sky forever, we had great views of the supermoon last night at the Seattle Sounders game and even though I couldn’t help but sneak a few last minute purchases during the horrible first half from the Gap friends and family sale (Did anyone score anything amazing? I couldn’t help but buy these jackets for the guys for back to school. I can’t wait to see how they look!) and we were totally exhausted from driving home from Portland and the coast that morning (more on this trip soon!),

oregon coast with kids

we had a fabulous night cheering on our team!

moulin roty binocularsc
One of my guys really enjoyed looking for the moon with some Moulin Roty paper binoculars I picked up ages ago. They’re inexpensive and fun and a great toy to keep on hand when we go on adventures. Moulin Roty is such a creative brand and I also think my guys would have loved this suitcase toy as a travel toy when they were a bit younger. (They are too wrapped up in all things Octonauts right now so it would be a waste but they love make-believe and the suitcase container is too adorable.)moulin roty suitcase
I also like science-inspired boy clothes (no “look out girls here I come” “mama’s little hero” or “mr trouble” shirts for my boys thank you very much) and crewcuts usually has some neat glow in the dark space themes to pick from and this fall is no different.  I love this “Give ME SPACE” tee and we have a version of this “explore without footprints” tee already too:

jcrew space shirt

And if these socks weren’t so spendy for little guys with fast-growing-feet, I’d definitely buy them!

kids space socks

I also like the courage motto on this shirt, but I’m not sure the guys would love it as much as I do.

courage shirt
And Peek always has great science mottos for back to school too.  I love the pi and Atlas shirts for this year.

But the boys are growing more and more interested in sports and have their own opinions about the clothes they wear, so we’ll see how their style changes over the course of this year.  I know if I show them this goalie shirt, they will just die.

adidas goalie shirt

And we haven’t even bought backpacks, lunchbags or school supplies yet.  We saw some soccer hot and cold food containers at Pottery Barn Kids

pottery barn hot and cold container

and the guys think these are the best ever, but I didn’t buy them yet because I wasn’t sure about the quality.  Have you tried them?  And they want Planes backpacks but will this theme last them for the WHOLE year or should I buy something more generic and better quality?  If you’ve found anything fabulous for back to school or have some tips, or if you’ve seen the amazing supermoon,  I’d love to see your links:) Thanks and happy Monday!

4 thoughts on “Supermoon inspired shopping and easing into back to school on a Monday

  1. Love the shopping ideas! My son barely grows, so I never have an excuse to buy him new things though.

    One of these days we’re going to actually have to meet, since we seem to frequent most of the same places. My hubby and son were at the game last night too and had a blast (although they agree with you about the first half).

    1. Totally:) We do seem to do the same activity circle! We’ll have to figure something out! I’m not the biggest soccer fan, but the crowd is so amazing it’s a fun time:)

  2. I’m annoyingly practical so I buy my kids LL Bean backpacks that will last them years (probably longer than they would like!). I have yet to do any other school shopping though. That thermos is cute though! My oldest is asking for one in her lunch this year.

    1. Colleen, I’ve heard those LL Bean backpacks are amazing! It’s our first time shopping for school supplies, and I thought it would be ‘fun’ but it’s actually a little stressful!

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