Eyes to the sun shopping for snow on a Monday

wheelhouse coffee in seattle
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Was there sun in your eyes this Monday? It seriously still feels like summer here in Seattle and after a weekend of play it is so hard to get up.  The kids and I lounged a little too long and we barely had time to brush our teeth, change and run out the door in time for school. One of these days we hope to walk, but I think we need to get gold stars just for making it to school on time and alive.

But all too soon it will be winter so we spent the weekend checking up on our cabin site.  Hopefully we’ll have some framing pictures to show you in the next few weeks.  Apparently we are doing what is called ‘waterproofing’ and some other things that I didn’t quite understand. (But thankfully my husband did.)

cabin building cabin building

For some reason cabin building and lego-building looks very similar to me.  But the nice thing about being in the mountains is while we grown-ups discussed why cabin-building is more complex than Lego, the kids had fun finding little frogs in the creeks.

finding frogs, of course we catch and release
And we found a hidden lake where people were riding bikes and hiking.

lake up by Snoqualmie Pass
And thanks to a friend (yes, you J, thank you tons) we found out it’s actually time to start thinking about ski lessons. Yes right now, while it is still summer with not even a hint of rain or snow on the horizon! Some lessons are apparently even full and it might be the cut-off for discounts on season’s passes. So wherever you are if there is a mountain around you and you are thinking of putting your kids in skiing this winter: it is time to think about snow and look at your winter schedule NOW!!!!  (PS we even found some amazing ski boots if you’re looking for a pair that will last your kids more than one season too!)
And so even though it still looks like a hole in the ground, my homework is to find fixtures for the cabin bathrooms and kitchen, because apparently very soon we’ll need these things too.

modern sleek kitchen faucet
I’m totally obsessed with these faucets by a Danish design company called VOLA.  (I’m figuring out that Danish design also tends to mean EXPENSIVE.  I didn’t really realize this when I told my architect I wanted a cabin that looked like Denmark.)

I also like this one from Kohler which is also spendy.

idea for kitchen in cabin

So maybe this one at Ikea

idea for kitchen in cabin

this one from Home Depot.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.07.49 PM

Or this one.

modern sleek kitchen faucet
Oh dear.  After a while, they all start to look the same.
I also got off track and found this cool rug-like tile.

tile that looks like carpet
It would be so fun to see this in a kitchen surrounded by wood but I’m wondering how confusing it would be for my feet to feel cold tile instead of warm fluffy carpet in the morning before I’ve had a cup of coffee and come to my senses?

And I wonder how long it will be before we all actually come to our senses around here.  It is only the second real week of school and we are all EXHAUSTED.  And not just from dreaming about kitchen sink fixtures.  It’s kindergarten. How on earth are we ever going to get into our routines?  (And lunch.  It happens everyday.  How on earth do I come up with lunch for EVERYDAY??)

a lunch idea for kindergarten

So happy Monday and thank goodness for sunshine and snow one of these days, and I hope you’ve been out there somewhere relaxing, reading and just taking a little time for yourself too.

(PS. cover photo is from Wheelhouse coffee in Seattle where I took a little time-out today.  I’ve been wanting to visit forever and was delighted to find out not only did they have good coffee, but a lovely cardamom cake too.)

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  1. Seattle looks LOVELY…I dream of living there someday. I think it’s about the polar opposite of Vegas (where we’ve been for nearly TEN YEARS…sheesh…) And a cabin sounds heavenly!

    1. Oh you should totally come visit! And we Seattle-ites dream about Vegas daily when it gets dark and rainy here in the fall:)

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