Apparently there are a million fixtures out there (A cabin-building update)

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I think that I’ve reached the point in the cabin project where I wish it was more like buying a dress because we’re starting to ACTUALLY pick out fixtures (like sinks, faucets and shower parts) and that’s where what I dream about and what I really can afford or need becomes a reality.  In dress shopping I know the fancy stores where I like to try things on and imagine being a princess that could just wear that dress and then I know where I need to go to actually buy what I realistically need.  For fixtures like faucets or sinks or the little-itty-bitty-drain-cover that stops things from falling down your sink and damaging everything, I don’t know the difference between what looks good, what won’t last and what is too high priced just because of a brand name.  And it can get overwhelming.

chairlift on a hikeplaying in the creek in the rain

But we’re learning together and this is the coolest project our family has ever worked on.  And even at this point, we’ve loved how much adventure it has added to our lives, just encouraging us to hang out in the mountains and in the outdoors up in Snoqualmie Pass.  We tried Webb’s Restaurant on a recent trip up and were so impressed by the kids’ meal.  It was reasonably priced and came with a generous serving of veggies AND fries!

kid's meal at Webb's at the Summit at Snoqualmie

And thankfully we have a great team between our builder, architect and suppliers so that by the end of this, the hubby and I probably won’t be able to go anywhere without noticing the fixtures and seeing if we can identify what it is from all the similar ones we’ve seen.

(In a similar note, I almost killed Big Bang Theory for us the other night when I noticed that the characters were sitting at a table eating and in the 5 minutes they were ‘eating’ none of them actually ATE any food.  They just pushed it around their plate, picked up their forks, and kept repeating these actions while they talked.  And then that’s all the hubby and I could look at once I pointed it out.  I think this is what shopping for fixtures is going to do to us and being in houses and hotels.)

Thankfully making some random purchases ourselves has helped the shopping feel more like fun shopping than just dreaming.  We miraculously found these faucets at Costco for a quarter of the price we’ve seen them anywhere else and we might actually use them:

hansgrohe bathroom faucet at costco

At least with Costco, things are returnable if they aren’t what they look like online.  There are so many places that have great prices, but are scary to buy from because I don’t know what I’d do if the wrong bathtub came and I couldn’t return it.  I’ll let you know what happens if that actually becomes a reality for us.

But I think we may have finally narrowed most of the things down.  We’re trying to find a great balance between functionality, cost and design and hopefully they all end up looking nice together.

At least we are closer to getting the roof on before the snow comes.

cabin building project in the woods cabin building in the woods

We had a big steel structure that needed to go in because of all the glass windows, and it finally got put in.

steel frame cabin buildingsteel frame cabin building

So this is where we’re at and I’ll keep you updated.  And please let me know if you’ve ever bought any fixtures for your place online or at a great store in your city and how that all worked out.  I’d love to hear how someone else’s building project is going too!

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